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Re: thanks
From Max on 22 October '98
adding to thanks posted by michael

>Frankly, I agree about changing ISP's. It's something I'm definitely looking into. In fact, it's my feeling that we should hire the appropriate operating specialists and host it locally.

As an alternative to running your own servers (UNIX staff is hard to find, and VERY expensive), find a VERY security conscious ISP who specializes in Web Hosting, and who offers whatever you need, and doesn't try to mingle FrontPage extensions and regular hosting on the same server (they isolate the FP users to contain the damage when they are hacked).

>I had some misgivings about FrontPage extensions.

UNIX gives a new user NO PERMISSIONS until the sysop grants them explicitly. FrontPage gives a new user FULL PERMISSIONS until the sysop sets the limits. Which one is more dangerous?

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