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Re: If not Front Page, then what?
From Darryl at Corvettes Only on 22 October '98
adding to Re: If not Front Page, then what? posted by nicky

>Hey - there is no better way to create a spanking web page fairly quickly (please notice I don't say very quickly) than using Notepad and PhotoShop or other image manipulation tools...

I don't want to be bored and write repetitive code over and over again. If I had to write code then I would not be doing this. I like making a site enjoyable to the viewer.

>I don't use FrontPage, HotMetal or any other editor and to be honest I probably never will.

Don't knock them until you have tried them.

>Reason being, the level of control I have over the code is second to none - especially FrontPage.

You don't loose contol, you can always use your text editor. When I insert Java script, Dreamweaver opens my text editor for me.

>If you want to make a *really* impressive site...use *real* html.

Put Up or Shut up! Show us your work. Don't get alarmed I say this in a nice way. :)

If you want to see my first Dream Weaver above...


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