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Epilogue: How we survived yesterday's hack
From michael at The Body Electric Mall on 23 October '98
adding to How we survived yesterday's hack posted by michael

Thanks again for all this input. I'm grateful for it. So far, I've spoken with a hosting service in Utah that offers additional services in terms of farming out site templates to Independent Reps. This is an attractive feature, but after this week, I'll want to know every single spec they have.

I also got a line on some cool input from a killer designer named Raymond Pirouz (he and I both studied at Art Center in Pasadena, though he has gone on to generate amazing stuff on the web). He gave me some cool insights into the bigger picture and what major pitfalls to avoid in terms of accessability, connectivity, and heady, nebulous concepts. Like I said, I come at this as a graphic designer who's ability to write reams of raw code is fairly lame. My job here is to coordinate the big picture, and it helps to have input from people who specialize in the details. As it stands, the ISP assures us it is sparing no expense to plug the holes. However, we are looking at any and all options...and relocation is pretty much at the top of the list.

BTW, the Yahoo banner campaign I mentioned in my first post is yielding unexpected, but grand results. We're pretty excited. Thank god we locked down that hack before Yahoo yanked our dead-link banners.


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