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Re: why dont i get more leads from my site?
From Max on 23 October '98
adding to Re: why dont i get more leads from my site? posted by yolanda

Do this:
Can YOU get to your own website? Go to your website and
write down what is in the LOCATION line at the top of the
screen. Let us know what that is.

If you can't get to it, and you paid your bills, call your
ISP and complain.

>The URL address is (

I get this from my browser:
"Netscape Proxy is unable to locate the server:
The server does not have a DNS entry. Check the server name in
the Location (URL) and try again."
(this occasionally happens with any website)

I get this from whois:

whois -h
No match for "AVANZE.COM".

This is critical, because the world relies on the database
I checked with whois. is not there.
Did you remember to pay the Internic $70 for the name?
They email their invoices, and then cancel the domain if
it's not paid in about 60 days.

If you paid, call that ISP and find out what they did. I'd also
ask for a full refund of anything you paid them to host
(check the spelling) because it's certainly not there as far as the
Web is concerned. It is entirely possible for you to be able to
see your pages even if the rest of the world can't.

An active domain will return something like this with whois:

whois -h

Internet Services of Michigan (ISMI-DOM)
515 West Grand River Avenue
Howell, MI 48843-2149

Domain Name: ISMI.NET

Administrative Contact:
Caldwell, Tara (TC390) tara@ISMI.COM
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Caldwell, Charly Ii (CC131) charly2@ISMI.NET

Record last updated on 25-Nov-96.
Record created on 11-Sep-95.
Database last updated on 23-Oct-98 04:29:02 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:


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