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Re: The truth about Excite & virtual domains
From Cynthia on 24 October '98
adding to Excite posted by Eddie

Here's what I have found out from personal experience with getting a virtual domain listed on Excite. Excite can handle virtual domains, but the problem comes in when you don't have a "static" ip address. Some web hosting companies use "dynamic" ip addressing. This means that your ip address can change each time someone visits your site. The ip address switching takes place behind the scenes at your web hosting.

Let me explain for those of you who don't know how ip addressing works. You have a "true domain" registered with internic like When you choose a web host, the web hosting company assigns you an ip address on their server. If you change web hosts, your domain name stays the same ( but your ip address with the new web hosting company will be different.

An ip address is a numerical address that points to your domain such as http://111.123.456.1/ With some web hosting companies the numerical ip address that refers to you domain never ever changes (it is a static ip address). With other web hosting companies, the ip address can change each time some accesses your domain name (dynamic ip addressing). For example your ip address might change like this each time your domain is accessed:


Web hosting companies sometimes use this technology to improve performance by switching your ip address so that your domain is loaded on a part of the server with the least amount of traffic.

The problem I have found with Excite is that when register your site, their robot records your ip address not just the domain name. I suppose this is to prevent listing of the same domain and page several times by entering the address differently. For instance on some servers these addresses would all point to someone's home page:

When I register my page with Excite, it is going to record the ip address that the server is pointing to when the robot visits my site. So I get indexed... but when the robot comes back to update or reindex my site the robot gets a different ip address that could be pointing to someone else's domain name on my web hosting company's server. Instead of just listing me with a new ip address, Excite drops me! Then I have to resubmit my page and the process starts all over again. This happens to me every couple of months... I drop out of existence on Excite... no trace... nada.

I received an email directly from an Excite representative that explained the Excite could not handle virtual domains such as mine. So I hope this clears up the confusion about Excite and virtual domains. It is specifically the type of virtual domain where your web host uses dynamic ip addressing.

I am very frustrated over this, because I am extremely satisfied with my web host. I have tried several and they are the best there is. I don't want to have to switch because of the way Excite indexes sites. I don't think this is fair and I think Excite should address this issue. Dynamic ip addressing is actually a better technology so Excite should get with it an support site that use it.

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