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Re: If not Front Page, then what?
From Ken on 24 October '98
adding to Re: If not Front Page, then what? posted by michael

>To be honest, I still use the onboard Netscape editor (Composer, I believe it's called) for simple stuff, then I tweak the source code here and there. And I'm very much a WYSIWYG kind of guy. My job is to design, more than anything, so it doesn't interest me to write raw code. It would be to time-consuming, and as long as I can make necessary changes in the html after I've roughed out a page in an editor, that's all I personally need. There is occasionally dirty work that transcends my ability, and I have a person that handles that level of coding.

>I've used PageMill, but it stinks, IMO. Frankly, same with FrontPage. There are some nice features, but it is actually more inflexible than the simple editor I've relied on from Netscape for a couple years now. Really, it's not so much a matter of having to write raw HTML, Carl, it's a matter of tweaking it. I often use whatever's laying around and then tweak the code. I've heard Hot Metal Pro is good for fine-tuning your code like this. Netfusion didn't impress me except as an editor for people who were going to generate homogenized pages. I'm sure there are people who can give you better recommendations, but the idea is not so much 'either I use the easiest WYSIWYG editor I can find or I slog through mountains of code', it's more 'find a reasonable editor, then learn enough about code to be able to fine-tune pages'.

>Or, you can do what I do and hire a student html-wiz to do all the dirty work for you in Notepad. :)


>>Okay, I'll admit it! I use Front Page! I hear lots of good reasons
>> not to, but I'm 55 years old, and would rather spend time with
>>grandkids than HTML! Now to the question...Is there a program out
>> there that's reasonably easy to use, without the FP98 problems.
>>I downloaded Netfusion to look at, and it doesn't appear to be
>>something I want to tackle! Any suggestions would be sincerely
>>appreciated. I manage 5 domains on a percentage-of-sale basis, so
>>don't mind spending a little money for the right program.

I use Fusion and like it very much, I'm just wondering,
what does homogenized mean in this context?


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