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Re: Site Review
From Darryl on 25 October '98
adding to Site Review posted by Donald Zvanut

>(not Yahoo)

Hi Donald,
I would focus on Yahoo. They are the king! I like your as a shopper, because the the pictures overall are good. People come to the internet for 2 things, one is to find informationand the other is for entertainment. I think Yahoo looks at web pages in this fashion. In my opinion here are some things you should do (things I would definitely do). Since it would be hard to offer entertainment, you would need to offer Information. Most web sites try to attract visitors by offering free stuff. They probably don't get qualified traffic. I think you need to offer free Info on how to find a select quality jewelery. For example if someome was searching for gemstones, I would more likely enter a page that said, "Find info here on how to select and keep from getting ripped off." On your watches you can offer the top ten things you look for when purchesing a Rolodex( or any expensive watch.)Basicly offer tons of help info on all your products to help your customers make a wise decision. I think when Yahoo sees that you are there to help there viewers (customers) they will seriously look at you. If you do this and go back to Yahoo, you can fill in the comments box and tell them briefly about all this expertise info you offer to your customers and their searchers. I know you can pull up competitors that have inferior pages, but they have probably been there for a while.

Jim and friends offer a lot of free helpful info here,I could have bought the same products elsewhere, but I bought them here out of loyalty. Helping poeple give you crediblity.

Also their is some neat technology out there that I would consider trying. I don't know what it cost, but it is worth looking at ...The web site is at . It is a way for your viewers to look at your products much closer without having to put more pictures on the page. Check them out they have some examples. One example is if you were buying clothes off the Internet, you can zoom in and look at the quality of the fabric.

P.S Remember your web site is your salesperson, Convince them why you are better. Do like Jim does and mix a little sales pitch here and there in the Free info you offer.

Hope this helps.

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