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keyword phrases
From Dave Kitching on 25 October '98
How do I incorporate phrases into my tags? Do i simply contain them in commas like so;
"Internet, Intranet solutions, internet commerce, online commerce, online, electronic commerce, commerce,"

where single keywords are being repeated...does this count against me in the too many same keyword stakes?

Or do I put phrases in inverted commas?

Is it better to put phrases at the beginning of the keywords list, or single keywords?

Do all of the engines handle them in the same way?

How am I supposed to seperate keywords..and phrases... anyway?

Is the 1000 character limit true for all of the engines? ANd are meta tags case sensitive?

oops..sorry about that. Got a bit carried away! But there do seem to be so many variables and I can't find the answers listed anywhere.

Any advice very much appreciated.


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