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Re: keyword phrases
From Deb at FutureQuest on 25 October '98
adding to keyword phrases posted by Dave Kitching

>How do I incorporate phrases into my tags? Do i simply contain them in commas like so;
>"Internet, Intranet solutions, internet commerce, online commerce, online, electronic commerce, commerce,"

Yes, phrases would be seperated by commas,
keyword, keyword, keyword phrase, keyword phrase,

>where single keywords are being repeated...does this count against me in the too many same keyword stakes?

It sure does.... be careful

>Or do I put phrases in inverted commas?

I'm not sure what you mean by that...

>Is it better to put phrases at the beginning of the keywords list, or single keywords?

I assume it's best to create your list in such a way that your most important keywords are at the beginning of the list going in order to the least important at the end... regardless whether or not it's a single keyword or phrase... think in order of importance

>Do all of the engines handle them in the same way?

Nope -- muhahhaha

>How am I supposed to seperate keywords..and phrases... anyway?

Some use commas, some don't as described above, some use spaces between commas some don't.... It's a matter of preference and search engine importance... if you REALLY want to be XYZ engine but are not as worried about ABC engine then concentrait on what XYZ prefers...

>Is the 1000 character limit true for all of the engines? ANd are meta tags case sensitive?

The 1000 character limit is true for most... it's the best number to go with.... as far as case sensitivity it is best to make EVERYTHING all lower case and add an 's' to each word ...

A search for "Dog" will bring up keywords such as dog and dogs, and Dogs and Dog but will not bring up the keyword DoG

>oops..sorry about that. Got a bit carried away! But there do seem to be so many variables and I can't find the answers listed anywhere.

I've learned almost everything I know via this site and just expanding on things brought up on this site in other places... e.g. all of the answers to your questions are here.. tis just a matter of reading and reading:)

Hope this helps

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