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Re: keyword phrases
From Deb at FutureQuest on 25 October '98
adding to Re: keyword phrases posted by davek

>Doe this mean that if a phrase contains a word that is also being used as a single keyword, that word would count twice? eg 'keyword, keyword phrase,' or does the phrase count as a single?

Yes.... dogs, dog leashes, dog grooming, ... could count the word 'dog' as showing three times.

>>>How am I supposed to seperate keywords..and phrases... anyway?

>So what is the best AVERAGE approach? 'keyword,_keyword,_keyword phrase,_ etc'? or 'keyword_keyword_keyword_' as someone else in the archives suggested, (leaving the engine to find phrases)

That's a million dollar question really.... In MY personal opinion the average person use commas to seperate keywords and phrases and a space between commas.. but if the character limit is really hurting you it may help to kill the commas and just use a space... or kill the spaces and just use the commas... In this area I'm no expert.. for me I like commas and spaces just because it is cleaner looking to my eyes.

Making sense of it all is no easy task... it's a matter of learning via doing and hoping you do well quickly:)


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