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Re: Search Engine Submission
From Deb at on 06 October '98
adding to Search Engine Submission posted by Eric Druckenmiller

>What I'm gettting at is- How can I get my site noticed by these
>seemingly "exclusive" locations on search engines? I'm helping an
>on-line bookstore launch soon and want to try to get listed in these
>"sub-directory-like" locations. Can I get someone at Excite to
>listen to me or an I out of luck?

Heh, as I've said before, I think I enjoy the search engine game as much as I would enjoy Vegas :) There's a lot to be said for luck :)

One of my sites... received top billing in a sub category on Excite Dhearts is sitting in the Number 1 spot... (knock on wood) and in we grabbed the number one spot again in the following sub category

What did I do to get listed well with them? Well... I dunno to be honest with you... I can't imagine why my 'laymans site' would be listed above the professional orgs on the same topic... except for the fact that I offer a LOT of content (4,000 pages and counting) and have had this particular site on the net for a couple years now...

I followed as much of the advice as I could from this site.. and I simply used the Deadlock Promotion Spider to submit my site... and I lucked out...

Now Yahoo and a few select others I walked my lil fingers over there and submitted my sites manually... gggrrruuummbbblleee seems every site I submitted manually got shafted :( With YAHOO and DHearts for example... I used the 'secret keyword' as instructed, I followed all the rules i could find, I even removed all my 'spider' tricks from the site for two months hoping that would help... our listing in yahoo is not only poor but wrong:( I submitted to Yahoo... two years ago.. every six months I email them to request they fix my listing.. cuz they have my link as sigh.... I can't get yahoo to work for me if life depended on it... and that's a human driven engine... go figure

My very best advice for whatever it's worth... enjoy the game of search engines... the odds are you win with some and lose with others... for added results .. take a peak at the sites that are listed where you wish you were listed... try to get links on their sites leading to yours ... if you can't grab the hits at the starting line..grab them at the finish lines:) I receive quite a few hits from Excite...but I receive the majority of hits from links just sitting on other sites...


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