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Re: Front Page 'homogenized' comments
From michael at The Body Electric Mall on 26 October '98
adding to Re: If not Front Page, then what? posted by Ken

>I use Fusion and like it very much, I'm just wondering,
>what does homogenized mean in this context?


I just felt that Fusion incorporates a lot of template and 'clip art' (for lack of a better term) methodology. I think that's fine for certain applications, but when you rely heavilly on templates or pre-fabricated images, layout, etc. the temptation can be to just go with these 'kewl' looking pre-made designs. The problem there is that everyone else who bought Fusion may be thinking the same thing. You aren't generating page design on the merits of a particular project, you are just plugging data into a template that thousands of other people may be using as well. This equates a certain 'homogenization', IMO. A certain 'sameness'. Also, when I used Fusion, it seemed rather difficult to make changes in existing templates, images, etc.

just my (worthless) opinion. :)

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