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Re: Duplicate front/index page
From Ken on 26 October '98
adding to Re: Duplicate front/index page posted by Max

>>The duplicate page would have a different url and could
>>be submitted and promoted independent of the original, no?

>If you are caught, both this page and its twin might vanish
>overnight. How about spending the time to create some interesting
>original content. That never gets penalized, and can attract
>a lot of traffic.

>>This seems to make sense, but I suspect my level of knowlege
>>might be keeping me from seeing the obvious here.
> They are called, variously, "feeder pages", doorway pages,
>etc. and are frowned on by the search engines because they clutter
>up the listings with duplicate information.
> Anything the search engines frown on should be avoided.

Thanks for your reply Max,
You are right about interesting content, and that anything
frowned upon by search engines should be avoided. Please
don't take this as taking issue with what you have said,
you know more than I prolly ever will, I'm just trying to
understand how things work. Is what the engines would take
issue with the fact that the duplicate information comes
from the same domain? Any "ad" or other listing promoting
a site would be different because it does not promote a
specific url?
What I had in mind rather than dupicate information would
be different info, words, in the page title, meta tags, and
key words, that are still applicable. A page title can only
contain so many words, there can be only so much put into any
given page with out out getting into "stuffing" or "spamming".
What I was thinking was that rather than having to edit and
remove germain words and phrases, they could be incorporated
on a second page. But is the key, that anything done from
the same domain would be scrutinized as "per domain" rather
than "per page" or "per url"?
Thanks Max,

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