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Re: Duplicate front/index page
From Deb at FutureQuest on 26 October '98
adding to Re: Duplicate front/index page posted by Ken

>What I had in mind rather than dupicate information would
>be different info, words, in the page title, meta tags, and
>key words, that are still applicable. A page title can only
>contain so many words, there can be only so much put into any
>given page with out out getting into "stuffing" or "spamming".
>What I was thinking was that rather than having to edit and
>remove germain words and phrases, they could be incorporated
>on a second page. But is the key, that anything done from
>the same domain would be scrutinized as "per domain" rather
>than "per page" or "per url"?
>Thanks Max,

I think something like this, if going to be done, just needs to be careful of which engines it's doing it in... (human to robot alone can make a big diff)

Where my views are coming from are: when I'm looking for some info on something like accepting credit card orders -- I receive hundreds of listings all showing me the same MLM Page telling me how I can get rich accepting them etc etc etc... it's one company that gives resellers a page of their own to sell the service... e.g. hundreds of the same exact pages floating out there around the net most of which listed in the engines (same for things like phone card MLMs)

Many of these are on 'geocites, tripod, angelfire' so respectively are on the same domain..but then-- think about the domain name... hmmm

My best guess suggestion would be to utilize this type of tacktic on different domain names.... with any of the links on your splash page leading to the correct page (or if alowed just mirroring your entire site with the respective changes you are wanting to make in the titles etc)

If you are going to do it on the same domain possibly making the etc index pages deep in your domain rather then

Shrug -- all in all for the time it would take to promote your duplicate pages it's easier, like Max said, to just work on the pages you have.... and adding more content and links on them...

I do know that duplicating can work, I've seen it happen first hand, but I am not the expert in what is going to penilize you... so if the risk is there it's probably best to avoid...

My ten cents

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