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Re: Spam Bots...
From Deb at FutureQuest on 06 October '98
adding to Re: Spam Bots... posted by Jim

>I just happened to stumble across an ingenious reply from Max, back
>in June, on this topic:


>It looks like wpoison has since changed its name to Deadbolt - cool name ;-)

[begin kiss up] Yes, Jim it is a cool name, though not as cool as Dead Lock, DeadLock is way better, I bet they were really really bummed when they couldn't get that name and had to settle for Deadbolt [end kiss up]

As far as the message... thanks... I'll certainly look deeper into what deadbolt is offering... at first glance though it doesn't seem to be exactly what I'm looking for....

I'd like to set up of the server in such a way that we can check the referrer.. if it is a known Email collection bot we will trap it at the door and not allow it into any of the domains hosted on our server... We've come up with a couple plans (work on paper anyway) for ways we may be able to accomplish this w/o blacklisting entire domains etc... and avoiding the need to spoil the way ppl type their email addys and links to them...

Havn't decided exactly what we are going to do in this effort but am actively considering/looking into many ideas... Can't we just do a roll call for all spammers send them into a room that doesn't contain technology and sentence them to life?

Deb in a dream world:)

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