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Re: How to get listed in Yahoo
From Phillip on 26 October '98
adding to Re: How to get listed in Yahoo posted by Deb

>>I would be interested to hear peoples comments on this, especially from you Max!Has anyone tried this tactic before? I am also keen to find out if the "people" at Yahoo who send these confirmation emails really exist or if they are just made up names.

>I haven't emailed about submission yet, but have emailed about fixing my links... and even received a reply from a 'real person' letting me know the link was being fixed.... it wasn't. Emailed same person again and she told me she'd check it out and then replied about 2 days later and said the 'link is fixed'... it wasn't...

>That's about the extent of my emails back and forth with yahoo outside of advertising questions...

>I would think that if we all begin emailing, we'll just encourage more 'auto' replies...

>Cheers! On your submission

I have been listed on Yahoo using the following tactics.
1. Suggest as many catagories as possible for your submission.
2. Suggest a new catorgy for Yahoo to create. (They seem to take a quick look at submissions which suggest a new catagory for them.)
3. Try to get listed on the local yahoo of the nearest big city to you. These are processed faster and are then picked up by the national Yahoo.

Good Luck!

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