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Re: Starting out!!
From John on 27 October '98
adding to Re: Starting out!! posted by Max

>>I just don't want to be limited to their terms!!!(like copyrights and things)
>>I want to be able to offer the things i want without limitations!!

>And what is there about respecting copyrights that bothers you? As
>a writer, I'm worried about your statement. Read the copyright law,
>especially the $50,000 statutory penalty for violating it, and
>perhaps you would feel less "limited" by observing it.

I'm sorry for not explaining it better. The truth is that some Places won't let you copyright material
on your webpages. Some won't let you put paid advertisements on you webpages. Some
places can take your webpages off if they wish. Some places can do with your materials
or ideas as they wish. And the list goes on and on. I'm just looking for a little
freedom. Freedom to cunduct business that can be competitive with other websites! You tend to fid this
hard to do if you are boxed into an agreement that won't let you do
much of anything. I hope this can clear this up a little better!! I just want
to look out for my rights and interests!

Thanx, John

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