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Re: Starting out!!
From John on 27 October '98
adding to Re: Starting out!! posted by Max

>>I'm sorry for not explaining it better. The truth is that some Places won't let you copyright material
>>on your webpages. Some won't let you put paid advertisements on you webpages.

>Oh. That makes more sense. Any "free" site will have terms stricter than a fee-based ISP
>that makes it's money selling server space.
>The "copyright" that confuses you is probably the "collective" copyright that the ISP was claiming. They do NOT hold the copyright to anything that you write. They DO hold the "copyright" to the "collective work" (the sum of ALL the stuff on ALL the pages on their site). This prevents mirroring without their permission, or someone scavenging material from multiple pages and publishing it. Consider it to be like having a BIG landlord with a BIG legal pitbull.

Thanks for clearing that mess up!!!

By the way i love this website!!!!!! I have rarely come across a site that is
down to earth HONEST!!! Everything is explained soooooooo clearly without any jargon.
Thanks again.


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