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Re: Oh dear..the dreaded frames...
From Dave Kitching on 28 October '98
adding to Re: Oh dear..the dreaded frames... posted by Max

>>If I run out of space for tags on my frames index page, can I put
>>the other tags on the opening pages within that page .. like the
>>button page for example?
> You can put them anywhere you want, but getting rid of the frames is the best course of action.

>>Will a search engine use those tags to direct a user to the overall
>>framed page or will the user just see the framed page with nothing
> The typical search eiongine will see FRAMESET and leave your site.
>IF it gets indexed, the link will take the user to the URL, and they
>will not see the frames you thought they would. There is no way to
>force their browser back into the frameset that I know of.

>>Why does this have to be so difficult?? :-)
> Because Nerdscape invented frames?

>Let me ask you this: what are you doing on your site that makes frames ESSENTIAL? Why are you spending this much time and effort for a technique that is so detrimental to your ability to publicize the site, users to bookmark the page of interest, etc. ?

This is the second attempt to post a response to this question. The first appears to have gone missing...
The site in question is a financial services web site with information on 30 stock markets around the world. To do this it must display content on other sites. The only way to do this and also to avoid users being switche to the other site, exploring and being unable to return, or forgetting how to, return, to the original site, is to use frames thereby keeping all displayed information within the context of the original site. For marketing purposes, this is absolutely crucial.

Other instances where frames are useful includes my own site if anyone is interested, where the products page for example, is a web site in it's own right. Having the buttons in another frame allows simple cross site navigation at any time.

If the search engines are so anti, maybe I'll set up a non framed gateway page.


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