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Re: Spam Bots...
From Jim on 06 October '98
adding to Re: Spam Bots... posted by Deb

>[begin kiss up] Yes, Jim it is a cool name, though not as cool as
>Dead Lock, DeadLock is way better, I bet they were really really
>bummed when they couldn't get that name and had to settle for
>Deadbolt [end kiss up]

They'd be even more peeved if they knew my deadlock is a character
out of a comic, nothing to do with security. Oh well, as the saying
goes: "tough".

Back to your original question about where to get a good ready-made
blacklist, Max is the expert on spam, but I'd imagine that a good
place to start looking would be well-established sites that have been
at it for a while, for example and
I don't know if they make their lists public but it might be worth
finding out.

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