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Re: My gratitude to Max.
From Max on 07 October '98
adding to Re: My gratitude to Max. posted by Deb

>Via my crystal ball I see the program Front Page 97
Quick, bring the garlic and the wooden stake!

>As far as style sheets... being they are not readable by any older browsers wouldn't that be a tad risky before coding 'the g'ol fashion' way? I use style sheets on (poorly I admit) but just the difference between IE4.x and NS4.x is ick:/

They are not readable by older browsers, BUT they do not mess up older browsers. That's the idea behind them: those that can use them get the full effect and those that can't or don't read them still get a usable page.

>I removed the HR tag and that didn't help the font size at all... sigh I began removing everything and the text was still huge!... there was something in there causing it but I havn't a clue what really. Until I grabbed a fresh sheet of notepad I couldn't get the text to maintain.. as if there was some hidden something going on...cuz I stripped her page all the way down to JUST the HTML, BODY and paragraph tag... and it was STILL showing huge:/

You have to force the browser to reload ... I removed the size tag form the HR and fixed the fonts.

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