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Re: Spam Bots...
From Max on 07 October '98
adding to Spam Bots... posted by Deb

>My logs are popping up with a lot of 'EmailSiphon' agents and other EMail collection bots.... I'm considering placing some restrictions on the server in yet another attempt to fight back a bit at spammers...
>I'm wondering if anyone knows of a large list of these types of bots that includes how they would show up in a raw log file? If so could you point me in the right direction please?

The place that would most probably have the answer is the newsgroup They are sly and devious technical persons who hate spam.

>Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; NEWT ActiveX; Win32)
This one might be a variant of Netscape, or one of the netscape clones.

I've seen one way to foil address scavengers, with the consent of the addressees:

1. All email is via a form to a single address.
2. Each email form has a specific subject.
3. The mail filter (procmail) sorts on the subject, forwarding to the person who needs the mail.
This person can reply to the sender, revealing their real address.
4. Any email with the wrong subject is dumped into the spam trap for later examination by

The mail forms state that the address is NOT to be used from any other location besides the form, because if
someone looks at source and tries the address it will still sort on subject and trash email with improper subjects.

If you have the ability to run WebPoison, I've heard that it's best to rename the links to it to something like "members.html" because most of the scavengers will avoid it if they detect it. The server will still execute it as a CGI script regardless of name

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