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Please critique My web site.
From Natalya Khaustova at Party Games on 30 October '98
Many thanks all those who have looked through my site for Your criticism. It’s really very important. With the help of Your criticism I have changed my site. I’ll be glad if You look through it again and give Your opinion. How does the text look like at the pages of the site? Is it clear for the visitors how to order the games? I’ll be grateful for any remarks or criticism.

My acquaintance’s computer is provided with Unix and Netscape Navigator 3.0. As he enters my site the whole text of it ( including the headline ) is presented in one size font. Why does this happen?

Is it possible to determine the width of the picture by percent? This line is on my site: .

Are there any specialized search systems for those who work with kids and teenagers within different organizations? ( e.g. local youth clubs, youth centres, “drop-in” centres etc).


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