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Re: alternate page for Excite
From Max on 30 October '98
adding to alternate page for Excite posted by Marge Clark

>Was musing over the messages about Excite not using Meta Tags, and my
>index.htm page is basically just that, an index...showing what you'll
>find on the page. Not a lot of text that I can push the keywords in.

You could write some - make the index listings into complete sentences.

>Now, would it foul up my server totally if I were to have two almost
>identical pages:
>1. index.htm the one that's there now.
>2. index.html which I would submit to Excite...with a blurb at
>the top telling what the pages are about, using the appropriate
>keywords so maybe just MAYBE I'd get into the near top?

Why not put the blurb on the existing page?

>or is this a really bad idea? from a technical point of view.
Without knowing which server software your ISP is running, it's impossible to tell.

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