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Re: pluralize titles words?
From Andrew at RHTUBS on 30 October '98
adding to Re: pluralize titles words? posted by Deb

>Make sense?

1. I wouldn't expect people to book mark a "sub page", but rather the "home page"

2. "[TITLE]Hot tubs & spa thermostats direct from Robert's Hot Tubs[/Title]" doesnt the " direct from Robert's Hot Tubs" dilute the keywords in the title?

3. if most people are searching in the plural sense (82% I believe) wouldnt pluralization be better?

ok ok ok, let me change the example.....which is better;

hot tub and spa thermometers


thermometers for hot tubs and spas

(better example), but the question still remains, plural or singular in the title? which is better for search engine placment?

*biting my lip*.........(i got to say it)
I think I'd rather look good to the search engines so I can be found by people that I MAY not look as good too.

(personaly I rarely look at the title of a page that shows in the very top of my browser. I'm more concerned with what's on the page itself, and if it fits what I was searching for).

oh shoot, that example sucks (only because it works) *L*. what I'm getting at is, if there's no way to get it gramaticl right plurally......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

will plural titles list higher in the SE's if people are searching plurally?


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