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Re: Why Yahoo is Good (But May Get Worse)
From Max on 01 November '98
adding to Why Yahoo is Good (But May Get Worse) posted by Deb

Ywo useful hints for ANY website, from the guru at alertbox"

"The real reason Yahoo is so successful is that it embraces the new medium and designs for its strengths rather than fighting its weaknesses. So, since Internet bandwidth is very limited, Yahoo emphasizes a slim design and forgets about emulating television or glossy magazines."

"Emphasize speed, structure, clean navigation"

Whatever you are doing on your page, never sacrifice the above for looks or "me-too" use of the latest whizzy features. If you don't need it - as in you absolutely can't transmit the information without it - either leave it out or make it a secondary way of presenting the info. The "feature that really irks me (at the moment) is the use of a JavaScript generated link where a plain html HREF would have been more accessible.

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