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Image Loading Decreasing!
From Max on 01 November '98
I checked stats for a large non-commercial site Friday. I've been half-heartedly
keeping track of the percentage of users who load images with the page versus users
who just get the underlying page. Neither page is large, neither graphics is large,
so there's little reason to hit the stop button.

The text-only load percentage, last time I looked (mid 1997), was
about 12%, and had been hovering between 10-15% for quite a while. I
got curious and calculated the load ratios again. It's UP. WAY UP!
It's up to 25% for the main page, and 32% for the lower-level page.
That means 68-75%+ of the people hitting that site have turned imageloading
off in their browsers (I delete known SE hits before calculating).

Conclusion ... if you have an image-heavy or image-only presentation,
you can be losing a lot of traffic. If they land on the page and see
nothing but [IMAGE] they'll probably hit the back button.

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