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Re: Image Loading Decreasing!
From Darryl on 01 November '98
adding to Image Loading Decreasing! posted by Max

>Conclusion ... if you have an image-heavy or image-only presentation,
>you can be losing a lot of traffic. If they land on the page and see
>nothing but [IMAGE] they'll probably hit the back button.

Good topic Max.

I read some where that the standard for a web page is 40k. The web site I am designing right now is a heavy graphic sight and I have managed to keep each page to around 45k. At 28k this page will load in 12 to 15 seconds. For detail or quailty pictures I will give the viewer the choice by using pop up windows. I just started putting all my images in a /images directory. When you put all images in same directory ....Does the regularly used ones stay in the viewers cache, for example, buttons, company know all the pictures that are used regularly...

As bandwidth increases down the road these will no longer be worries...Getting cable modem here...hopefully before Christmas. I paid for 2 Isdn lines 65 Bucks per month and my dialup ISP gets another 25 bucks...when cable modem is installed Drops to 29 bucks...WOW! 15 times faster then what I have now. Plus you can use only one modem and network...well it does cost another 5 bucks for an extra IP adress. As soon as all the other cable companies rebuild there cable systems a big majoity of people will have this option.

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