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Re: Image Loading Decreasing!
From Max on 01 November '98
adding to Re: Image Loading Decreasing! posted by Darryl

>The web site I am designing right now is a heavy graphic sight and I
> have managed to keep each page to around 45k.
What is critical is that the non-graphics using visitors see enough interesting
text to make them want to stick around and download the images they are interested
in, or see the critical navigation ... like links.
They've turned graphics for a reason: to save time. It doesn't matter if
they have a 14,.4 connection or a T3 of their own. They have made the
choice to not use images and you have to adapt to that.

>I just started putting all my images in a /images directory.
>When you put all images in same directory ....Does the regularly
>used ones stay in the viewers cache, for example, buttons,
>company know all the pictures that are used regularly
Yes. Any images that have the IDENTICAL URL will pop up fast after the
first loading. This means re-use as many images as possible, especially
the little doodads.

>As bandwidth increases down the road these will no longer be worries.
The current estimates are that bandwidth increases and data compression
techniques will solve the problem (for some, but not ALL of the
Internet) around 2005 or so. SEVEN YEARS from now, it might not be too
big a hassle.
And the current hot technologies are WebPhone, browsers that can read
a page to you as you drive (perhaps restaurant reviews or addresses), and
instant translators. None of the above work worth a darn on images, so
it's still going to be important to have a solid text content.

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