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Re: Image Loading Decreasing!
From Darryl on 01 November '98
adding to Re: Image Loading Decreasing! posted by Max

>>The web site I am designing right now is a heavy graphic sight and I
>> have managed to keep each page to around 45k.
> What is critical is that the non-graphics using visitors see enough interesting
>text to make them want to stick around and download the images they are interested
>in, or see the critical navigation ... like links.
> They've turned graphics for a reason: to save time. It doesn't matter if
>they have a 14,.4 connection or a T3 of their own. They have made the
>choice to not use images and you have to adapt to that.

Is there any statistics on how many people turn their Images off. I would not think that their would not be very many that knew they could do that. I do understand what you are saying.

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