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Re: Webposition Analyzer
From Bradley on 02 November '98
adding to Re: Webposition Analyzer posted by Jim

All I seek is supporting information that can help document claims. When I feel that I don't have complete or even sufficient information then I won't make any type of purchase. If people say "buy me" are you going to buy it because they say so? In purchasing Web Analyzer and Jeff's services, the more information I can get, the better. I'm looking for facts, that is all, and I like to play devils advocate.....

Jim: additionally, one of the reasons that I was hesitant about your services is that I thought you were overseas, but in reading some of the posts, aren't you all in Pennsylvania? I perhaps would mention that on your site because I was hesitant about working with someone that was overseas - its not like I could call them up on moment's notice if I had a problem - and not pay $2.00/minutes.........Perhaps that is some food for thought.

By the way, with the new launch of the site, I am still debating about using Jeff's services!! :)

I will promise you that if I do buy Webposition, I will go through your site to get the commission..Your site has helped me out a lot, so this is the least I could do for you..

>For crying out loud Bradley, not everyone is out to rip you off :)

>There's no fine print (it actually says that on the page). If you
>don't like it, just say so and I'll refund you. No questions asked.
>You didn't seem to believe this when you were considering hiring
>Jeff, but it's true - satisfaction guaranteed. You have nothing to

> ***** THERE'S NO FINE PRINT!!! *****
> ***** THERE'S NO FINE PRINT!!! *****
> ***** THERE'S NO FINE PRINT!!! *****

>Trust me, I don't bite...


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