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Re: Thank you Max, Jim and all
From Galaca at Haverhill, Masachusetts Picture Tour on 02 November '98
adding to Re: Thank you Max, Jim and all posted by Max

Max - My unique hits have doubled over the past month (hopefully with the site getting listed with Yahoo in the past few days in will be alot more).

I get a lot repeat visitors because I add new picture periodically.

I had used your advice similiar to what you told me for my Haverhill, Masachusetts Community Information and Guide site:

Some of your advice was:

- Use the H1 /H1 tag near the top of my site
- Have a paragraph of text as close to the H1 tag using as many keywords in it that seem appropriate, but still makes sense.
- Keep the graphics at a minimun near the top of the site. This way the robot will read my keywords early in its "spidering".
- Do not use charactors like: ? and ' in my description and keywords
- Make sure my Title has my important keywords in it.
- Add appropriate keywords in my "ALT" tags on my graphics.

I have also been getting my site linked on related sites that compliment my site...but do not compete with me. Before I ask them for a link, I put their link on my Community link page which shows them that also "exchange" links. So this has given my site more more "weight" for the rankings.

When I did the redesign, I resubmitted to all the major SE's except Alta Vista.....becuse i wanted to keep my "date" as far back as possible. So I am still waiting for them to come back and reindex my site.

Any suggestions on Alta Vista? or should I just wait?

Thanks again! Galaca

>Galaca -
> Glad to know we're actually useful. How much better is the traffic? My ego want's to know.

>>One of the things I did to my site was to put the Refer Me script on it. What I have found is that the pe0ple who sign my guest book also use the Refer Me about 35% of the time.....(I think that is quite good.
> Interesting - is the "refer-me" script visible from the guest book?

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