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Re: Image Loading Decreasing!
From James on 02 November '98
adding to Image Loading Decreasing! posted by Max

Hi Max,

I think it depends on your audience. I surf Microsoft's site and the
ABCNews site using Lynx (text only). However, I browse Macromedia's
site with the graphics turned on full.

For me it depends on the content that's presented. If I'm visiting a
site strictly for the information and not the latest release of "The
Goddamn George Liquor Program," then I don't need all the ads and
other nonsense that eats up my bandwidth.

This same thing goes for Portals and SE's. Why do I want to "see"
them? I just want my information, thank you.

James ~*

Alta Vista has a no-graphics front page here, so you can bypass
the ads if you'd like ...

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