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Re: Listed with Yahoo?
From Wesley on 05 November '98
adding to Listed with Yahoo? posted by Tim

>>>The following website can't be listed.Can you tell me my problem?

>>When did you submit it to them? It can take several weeks.

>Weeks turn into months and months quite possibly turn into a year, I have been submitting my site to the search for "one share of stock" phrase to yahoo for over 6 months , I find it really interesting how just ONE listing appears under that search, and your not allowed to even suggest a site. Amazing what might go on behind the office walls of Yahoo in listing e-commerce generating sites. Frame a Yahoo with a dartboard, I'm still working on that one MAX, oh yeah Mr Softy also.

I am the webmaster for an official municipal site. This is a government server! It took a full year to get it included in Yahoo. Try explaining to a client that the reason their site is not listed with the Web's most important search engine because of their incompetence and not your own!

Anyway, my solution: at Step Four of the submission process, save a copy of that screen to your hard drive as an html file (like: yahoo-mysite). All info from Steps 1-3 is contained in that page in hidden fields. They don't use cookies. Then, every second Monday when you login in the morning, pause to load that page (or pages if there are several in the queue) and press the Submit buttons of each. Repeat, for as many months as necessary!

When you *do* get a listing listed, save the confirmation e-mail. This is pure gold. It will have the name and e-mail address of a Yahoo employee at the top of it. This will be the editor for that category. Then, if you ever have trouble adding new sites in that same general area or in amending those sites, try sending this person an e-mail directly. If still employed there, you may get instant results! :-)

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