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Commas in Keyword groupings
From Max on 06 November '98
adding to Re: Keyword groupings posted by Dave Kitching

>>In your free help sections, you tell people to always use commas between
>>every word and phrase. Here you suggest it's better to just string them
>>all together. Can you elaborate please?

I have not been able to get a solid answer on this, even when I asked
somr W3.ORG gurus ... I tend to use word space word because it's faster
to type, but word comma space word works too. If anyone wants to test this,
set up about 10-20 kmatched pairs of pages that have identical keyword strings,
with one of each pair using commas and the other not using commas being the
ONLY difference. Submit them, and wait to see what happens. If the commas
are truly necessary, you will see the pages with no commas in the keywords
consistently below those with commas.

The critical thing is: if you use A SINGLE COMMA anywhere to set off a phrase,
you have to separate your single words with commas too.

>Yes I've noticed this too. Also, Infoseek have told me to use commas as have
>Register-it! . The latter claim that no commas is incorrect meta tags syntax.
What RFC does Register-it cite as their reference? And where can I get a
copy of it?
I have asked experts (if you can call people who are on the HTML standards
committee that) about this syntax, and could get no definitive answer ... there is no
standard they knew of that specifies either way.
However, the way any computer reads a text string into a database is known: as
soon as they hit a single comma, you have declared that it is a "comma-delimited"
string and the computer will break the string into phrases at the commas.

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