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Re: OK to submit individual pages to Excite?
From Max on 06 November '98
adding to Re: OK to submit individual pages to Excite? posted by Marge Clark

>> So who do you believe? The people running the search engine or the
>>person writing the newsletter? Unless the newsletter comes FROM Excite,
>>I'd recommend following their rules.
>except that Jeff (?) the deadlock Promotions guy says that part of his
>package is submitting 10 pages a day to the 7 deep search engines,
>among them, Excite.
>That's where I got the idea that multi-page submissions to these engines was the way to go.

Jeff continually changes his work methods to match what the various search
engines want. If one of the biggies decided that 50 pages a day could be
submitted on alternate Thursdays in months containing "r" ... he'd have some
busy Thursdays.
I don't spend as much time as he does studying the way they handle submissions
that don't follow their instructions, so I tend to follow the directions given
at the site for submissions.

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