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Search Engine Frustration
From Marge on 06 November '98
I took this week to really push changes on the web page. Added some
content pages, bought WebPosition, bought Tagmaster. Rewrote titles,
meta tags. Ran EVERY page thru the 'garage'...rewrote metatages.
Relisted with all the major engines. Uploaded 10 pages per day to
Altavista, and some of the others that allow more than just the index
page to be uploaded.

Net results, for a week's work? On my primary keyword, I dropped from
8th place to lower than 30 on Alta Vista. no gain or loss anywhere else.
Not listed above 30 unless you get very very very specific, and I don't
know how specific my prospects will be

It's REALLY frustrating to have done the work, and lose ground.

getting ready to break down and spend the money for some of your time, Max!

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