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Re: A 100K Dose of Marketing Information
From Nicholas on 06 November '98
adding to Re: A 100K Dose of Marketing Information posted by Max

>>Having received plenty of free info on this and other
>>bulletin boards, I'm returning the favor in a lump sum:

>And it's QUITE A LUMP! Excellent resource. But if everyone
>followed your advice, I'd be out of work.

Huh? I don't think so. Remember, I didn't tell them
everything I know -- or you know!

The tough things about the marketing business -- and
one reason I don't do much consulting anymore -- are:

1) the number of variables to be juggled means most
clients simply can't understand what you're thinking,
hence they can't understand the service. (Beautiful ads,
that they understand.)

2) clients have rigid, stubborn views of their business;
self-image is a stronger emotion than greed, and thus they
RESIST success. Many clients used to carefully go
through my sales copy and delete each and every benefit,
sales point, and call to action. I won't quite say they
"wanted to fail," but they certainly gave a passable
(Often called "the internal audience problem", where
inept execs pass final judgement on the worth of an ad
or marketing plan.)

3) precisely because the service is insubstantial, it
perversely requires salesmanship to sell it! ... though
this problem may have attenuated on the Web.

I see why full-time promoters go nuts about the META
keywords mania, but hey -- don't look a gift horse in
the mouth. When I rehabilite sites, I tell them that
I have to change the TITLES and H tags because "It
creates reciprocal reinforcement with the META keywords."
Ho! They buy it, and stay the hell off my TITLE and H tag

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