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Re: Search Engine Frustration
From Marge on 07 November '98
adding to Re: Search Engine Frustration posted by Max

>What's the URL? You might be thinking "single keyword" for a product
>whose seekers are thinking about differently.

the URL is:

I have SCADS of keywords in the metatags, but since I am a retailer of
essential oils to use in Aromatherapy, the first keywords that I think
most folks will try are Essential Oil and/or Aromatherapy. so those are
the ones I use for 'testing' Granted there are thousands of pages
on the web devoted to 'em...but they are still the starting point.

It's hard to know how a specific individual will try to narrow the choice
down when they are confronted with, say 900 pages... so I've tried to
include a lot of the USES of the oils as keywords, stuff like that.

but it seems to get worse, the more I try.

Am wondering if I ought to cut all the extraneous keywords, descriptions,
etc. and go with just those two.

I have a LOT of 'noncommercial content' pages, and those don't
seem to come up either. Have viewed pages ranked above me and sometimes
they don't even USE the metatags...

tis a puzzlement. and a frustration.

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