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Re: A 100K Dose of Marketing Information
From Nicholas on 07 November '98
adding to Re: A 100K Dose of Marketing Information posted by Max

>You mean they say: "Fix my site, but I insist on keeping the
>frames, the imagemaps, the JavaScripts, the 350K GIF of the
>CEO on the front page, AND the plaid background"?

Precisamente. I've worked at ad agencies, and
advertising is an incredibly easy sell compared
to marketing; you just give 'em what they want,
beautiful design, and keep your mouth shut, not
telling them the ad is going to fail to pay out ...
and the company's coffers open wide! After all,
most businesspeople aren't really businesspeople,
in the sense of having trade skills; they just
happen to work in a business. So they have no
ability to measure an ad's profitability, nor
the desire.

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