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Re: Search Engine Frustration
From Max at Cat Scans Are Us on 07 November '98
adding to Re: Search Engine Frustration posted by Marge

It's a crowded field:
word count: aromatherapy: 129296; wholesale: 1050050; oil: 4516293

+aromatherapy +oil +wholesale = 7030 (pages with all three words)

>I have SCADS of keywords in the metatags,

You have a lot of keyword PHRASES ... and they get preference only
when the user searches for the identical phrase. You'd do better
with a list of words ... I remember somone complaining that she
searched for "soap making supplies" and found nothing. Your closest
match would be "soap making" ... close but no cigar as far as a search
engine is concerned. A carefully selected list of single words
would work better.
And watch the comma_space technique to make sure you have a
space after all the commas ... you are inconsistent.
And the & (pure & natural) is a killer in some search strings.
Limit keywords to characters and numbers, not the stuff above the
number keys.

[FONT SIZE=+2] [A HREF="infomenu.htm"]Aromatherapy Information[/A][/FONT]
Use real HTML and not font kluges
And a bit more text on the front page, as an Intro RIGHT UNDER the H1
will help ... you are wasting a powerful spot on two hard to read GIFs
and an equally blurry counter.

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