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Re: Could someone explain this one!
From INACHU at Inachu on 07 October '98
adding to Could someone explain this one! posted by Tim Stockton

Seems this get command is when someone views a picture and they
want to save it....... the lwp-trivial/1.27 could just be
a experimental browser?
SOme of you might be sneering at this but thats where it should show
what browser did what.............

If you want I can use the old arpanet connection and let you view
that log file or better yet try GOPHER or something strange like that.

WE know its a browser because it used the http protocol.
People have been known to hack their own version of netscape
and edit the area that transmits what browser you are using to
something else.....It's a nice way to stay anonymous.

>I have another question concerning my log files, this entry puzzles me. Have searched all the robots and cant figure out what this one
>relates with. Here is the entry
>"GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 9727 "-" "lwp-trivial/1.27"
>any ideas or help is appreciated.

>Thanks, Tim

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