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Submitting variation of my URL
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 09 November '98
My home-made business web site (Front Page 98) is on a personal homepage server. Saves me plenty of money but I've had problems getting listed in some search engines: never in Hotbot or that Y.... directory.

I don't have my own domain. My main page can be accessed as "" or "" or ""

Should I submit under all three variations to attempt to get multiple listings? (this worked on Alta Vista)

BTW I asked Hotbot by email why they never listed me and they said they received a message on several occasions that my server was down, which isn't likely. Is there something about my site's host or my tags that makes me "invisible" to some search engines?

If it makes some of you feel better, I've been submitting sites to Y.... for two years without result. I've been working on Hotbot for 6 months. Mine is a fairly high-content site that sells medical uniforms.

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