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Re: Submitting variation of my URL
From Max at HTML Shop of Horrors !!!! on 10 November '98
adding to Submitting variation of my URL posted by Jeff

>My home-made business web site (Front Page 98) is on a personal homepage server. Saves me plenty of money but I've had problems getting listed in some search engines:
So - it "saves you money" but it's costing you sales? A heavily used personal page host can time-out because of the load on the server, making it appear as if it's down.

(sales pitch)
Check out for GOOD, INEXPENSIVE virtual domains - email or for details.
We're both resellers (not much of a commission, and we have to do the basic technical handholding until you get the hang of it).
(/sales pitch)

>My main page can be accessed as "" or "" or "" Should I submit under all three variations to attempt to get multiple listings? (this worked on Alta Vista)
If you are caught, you'll get penalized. They may just delete the duplicates, or delete all three.

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