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Re: A 100K Dose of Marketing Information
From michael at The Body Electric Mall on 10 November '98
adding to Re: A 100K Dose of Marketing Information posted by Nicholas

How similar to web design and graphic design in general this sounds. BTW, Nicholas, I feel compelled to tell you how cool this info was. I jogged through it over the course of two days and refreshed myself on all the marketing I forgot from college. Thanks.


>Precisamente. I've worked at ad agencies, and
>advertising is an incredibly easy sell compared
>to marketing; you just give 'em what they want,
>beautiful design, and keep your mouth shut, not
>telling them the ad is going to fail to pay out ...
>and the company's coffers open wide! After all,
>most businesspeople aren't really businesspeople,
>in the sense of having trade skills; they just
>happen to work in a business. So they have no
>ability to measure an ad's profitability, nor
>the desire.

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