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Re: $400 IS to much :P
From Deb at DividedHearts on 07 October '98
adding to Re: Excite - One website grabs the top 10 listings - that agitates me!!! posted by INACHU

>SO if you buy a $400 add url program then you are doomed!
>WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely a waste of money to spend $400 bucks on an add url program especially if it's not constantly updated!

On the other hand... spending a hundred bucks or less on a program that can increase your sales, and IS updated constantly by a team of people who I assume eat their lunch at the pc constantly looking at the engines and their latest changes... then it could be worth the money huh?

I've made a number of my clients happy and return for more, simply by adding the Deadlock Promotion Spider as part of my standard service:) By adding in a spiff, as simple as that one is, I've been able to pay for the program ten times over... I still manually go over certain aspects and engines with them, yet add that extra little smile to their faces when they know I'm going to run their site with this lil gem of a tool... It takes very lil time on my part and I've
had clients come back to me just to ask me to re-run them through the spider again and again! The conversation usually goes something like this:

Client> hey Deb, how much would you charge me to run that tool of yours again?

Deb> Ahhh I could do that for you no problem and no charge... how about we add some new content to your site first in order to take full advantage of continuing the promotion?

Client> Wow! Thanks! Yeah, I've been thinking about adding another page or two.. wanna work with me on it?

Deb> Sure thing..... etc etc etc...

Yet another sale:)

Why? Cuz the promotion spider is allowing me to offer something back to my clients without digging into either of our pockets.. a lil time and kindness can go a long ways:)

The Spider gets a thumbs up from me... for $99 I've upped my sales, enjoyed a LOT of helpful hints from this site, have a tool that is updated always, and get great service! (I've NEVER emailed anyone at Deadlock and had to wait for a reply!!!)

(geee and I didn't even get paid for saying this...hmmmm)


p.s. for one site, it's probably not worth it. If you have the time to hit the engines manually and make sure your site is optimized correctly etc etc then yeah by all means go for it... but if the time and knowledge isn't there why not go with a group that is working on it to gain the knowledge? Just the info I've read on this site that was given to all of us free of charge was the worth the price of the promo spider. If we stopped helping the ones giving the info away
then it's quite possible they'd stopped giving it away. Which is the main reason I'm considering more products from this site.

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