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Re: Spam Bots...
From Deb at on 07 October '98
adding to Re: Spam Bots... posted by Max

>The place that would most probably have the answer is the newsgroup They are sly and devious technical persons who hate spam.

*grin* I guess it's back to the news groups for me huh:) Thanks for tossing me in a good direction..

>>Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; NEWT ActiveX; Win32)
>This one might be a variant of Netscape, or one of the netscape clones.

>I've seen one way to foil address scavengers, with the consent of the addressees:

Being I'm wanting to grab this server wide I have to find tools that will not need the consent of the web site owners nor their cooperation really.

Looks like things like WebPoison, Procmail, and creative scripting are what it's going to take to put a dent in this issue... Thanks again for the tip..


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