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Re: SE not listing any of my domains?
From Joey Joe on 12 November '98
replying to SE not listing any of my domains? posted by Geeky

>Hi all,

>Has anyone ever had this problem? I have been trying to get my
>domains listed in all of the major SEs for about two months. For
>some reason they just aren't getting in. I am beginning to think
>that there is some kind of technical problem with the way everything
>is set up. I have a few domains and they are all under the same IP
>address. I have not spammed with the domains and yet, they still
>have not shown up, not a page in _any_ of them. Does anyone have
>any ideas of what I could/should check? I added a blank robots.txt
>file (grasping at straws), but no luck. The sites are all accesible.
>I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yeah Geeky! Are the same Geeky as the other Geeky or are You a New Geeky!!!

Anyhow!! Besides that the main you haven't been able to get listed in the the last 2 months is because NOBODY HAS BEEN ABLE TO to get anything listed in the last 2 months!!!!

Well not quite, but almost! --- BOUNG boung boung (that's pronounced boying - not bong as in Thong) and by the way speaking of thongs, I just saw a picture of someone associated with this board, and I want tell ya!!! no not you Jim!!! for goodness sakes!! --- THAT'S the sound of search engines as submissions bounce OFF THEM!!

Oh Yeah!!! I'm a New Joey Joe I'm not the same Joey Joe as the Other Joey Joe!!!!


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