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Re: Firewalls?
From Deb at FutureQuest on 07 October '98
adding to Firewalls? posted by Tim Stockton

What does a firewall actually hinder i guess i am asking?

Hey Tim,

Considering firewalls are used to 'keep the bad guys out' the majority of the time, many companies (all comps with half a clue?) keep all of their users behind the firewall to protect the data on the inside.....

Forms tend to offer many security holes for hackers to play with when they are not coded in correctly. For this reason many companies restrict the use of forms altogether... sigh

You may be able to get a form to work for one company but still have ten others that it wont work for... each firewall can be set at different security levels, or it could be a proxie host that they have to connect to that disallows posts but allows gets...

I could be wrong (someone Pullleeesseee let me know if I am) but I am assuming the only sure way to make sure your orders can be processd by everyone is to offer a simple text only version of the order form that could be easily printed out and faxed or called in...

Since you do have the ability to take orders via phone.. this is probably what I would do... a lil link above/below the form that states "If you prefer to order by Phone/Fax or can not complete this form click here for more options" or something to that tone... linking them to the text only form....

Hope this helps a lil bit

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