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ALTA VISTA - For Bill & Alta Vista Submitters - Always a Wait - No Matter How Good Your Site Is
From Joey Joe on 14 November '98
To Bill and All

I made a seperate post on this because it is so important. No matter how good your site is in terms of relevance it will not show up in a keyword search on Alta Vista for 2 to 4 months, unless it is a very obscure keyword that not many websites are about.

Alta Vista refreshes their general index only 3 to 4 times a year.
You can find your site in 1 or 2 days if you do a specific search for your domain, but not when you do a keyword search.

It's a shame, in the last few years there have probably as much time wasted on this one endeavor as anything else, trying to get listed on Alta Vista main index, when it is totally impossible.

I really blame Alta Vista for this for not makeing it crystal clear that this is their policy. I imagine there are quite a number of people who after going through this experience and not knowing why they cannot get results after doing everything right have given up on search engines.

I know when I started out I spent quite a few hours during one month trying to do just that til I finally figured it out for myself. The key to realizing this out was going through the entire 200 listing index for number popular keywords and not seeing a listing that was less than 2 months old. It seems like a simple thing to do, look at the dates of all the sites, but it just doesn't occur to you that you are trying to do something that's impossible, when so many other people are trying to do the same thing.

That was a revelation to me, that there are alot of things about the search engine game that other people don't want you to know.

If you get discouraged and drop out of this endeavor, that's just one less person the next fellow has to worry about, beating him out to get to the top of a list.

Who knows, friend or colleague one day, the next day they're trying for the same list you are.

What can you say except it is unfortunately understandable. If every one shared all the things they had learned about search engines with everyone else they'd have to start looking for a new way to make a living pretty soon, if you are making a living at it, not exactly an easy thing to do.

Good Luck

Joey Joe

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